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HEB ISD Urgent News (

Did you receive a text message with a link to this page?

That means HEB ISD is aware of a possible situation at your school, and will update this page soon with more details.

What happens now?

Right now, school administrators are working to ensure safety of students & staff at your school.

At the same time, HEB ISD staff are gathering accurate information to update this page, to keep parents informed.

You do not need to call or visit the school unless we post that request on this page. We will post specific instructions if we ever need parents to pick up students.


How updates will be posted

You will have to reload this page to see updates:

Within a few minutes, we will post the same message that you received via text.

Next, we will post additional information about our normal process for this type of situation. (In HEB ISD, every school has customized safety plans for several types of situations. These safety plans are developed in partnership with local first responders, are practiced by school staff and students, and are updated over time according to national best practices.)

As details are confirmed or we need to give instructions to parents, we will continue to update this page.

When the situation is resolved, we'll post one final update and leave the information in place for about a day, then clear the page to prepare for any future situation.


General Information