Exterior of stadium press box, labeled 'Pennington Field' and 'H.E.B.'

Pennington Field General Info

Note: This is just a reminder that the "no in and out" policy at Pennington Field will be enforced. Once you enter the stadium for a game, you cannot leave and come back in unless you purchase another ticket. This rule pertains to adults as well as students. All schools in our UIL district will be enforcing this rule.

Football Ticket Info

Pennington Field Stadium Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 8:00am – 4:00pm
Fri: 8:30am - noon 817.399.2300|
for Friday night game: Friday: 8:00 am - NOON
for Thursday night game: Thursday: 8:00 am - NOON

Per district policy there are no refunds or exchanges to athletic events

2016-2018 Varsity football ticket prices

  • Pre-game adult reserved ticket: $8.00 sold at Stadium Office only
  • Pre-game adult general admission: $6.00
  • Pre-game student tickets: $4.00
  • All general admission at the gate: $8.00
  • Reserved at the gate: $10.00
  • NO RESERVED TICKETS sold at schools.

Rental Information

Pennington Field is a popular site to rent for football, soccer, lacrosse and field hockey. The football field is frequently rented to semi-pro and arena football organizations. Pennington Field parking lot is also a highly used events facility.

Pennington Field's playing surface was updated in June 2010, when a new Hellas Matrix turf was installed. The Hellas Matrix system is the same durable, high-quality system used at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington.

We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to your organization. You won't find a friendlier staff than ours! For rental information, contact the Stadium Manager at 817-399-2305.

Pennington Stadium Rules / Use Guidelines

Last updated: 2-17-2016

Not allowed on the field

  • Tobacco of any kind, sunflower seeds, gum
  • Glass containers, cans, food of any kind
  • Heaters not permitted on field (or in stands) no exceptions
  • No live mascots
  • No tape of any kind ( duct, masking, vinyl ) may be applied to turf surface
  • No painted paper signs or confetti
  • No spectators allowed before, during, or after games
  • No children ( unless part of organized group activity )

Not allowed in bleachers

  • All tobacco products , e- cigarettes, heaters, air horns, baby powder, silly string, streamers, confetti or any objects that are a danger to others.

Allowed on field

** indicates restrictions

  • ** hydration of athletes on field, water or gatorade only
  • ** band props (must not mark or scar turf )
  • Vinyl run thru signs
  • Blow up tunnels
  • **spirit signs on rails ( use string or zip ties only ) and all signs and fastening materials must be removed after conclusion of event
  • Personnel with authorized sideline or media passes
  • ** other equipment, tables, ladders, etc. Must have a protective base to avoid turf damage
  • ** sideline benches ( must be picked up and carried to be moved, do not drag across the turf ) replace to original configuration after use

Camps & Gymnastic Programs

Information about youth gymnastics programs is posted on the Gym Programs Information webpage.

Uses of Field

High School, Junior High, Semi-pro, Pee Wee League, College All Stars, and State Playoff games are played at Pennington Field. (An average of 142 games per year in 9 years with five state final games) All University Interscholastic League division schools (1-A, 2-A, 3-A, 4-A, 5-A, and six man) have played on the Astro Turf of the stadium. An average of 32 team practices, seven scrimmage games, five spring games, punt-pass-kick contests, and two powder puff games take place at Pennington Field each year. The stadium has been used as the practice facility for the World League of Football, the Dallas Texan Arena Football Team, and the Fort Worth Cavalry Arena Football Team.

Boys and Girls Varsity Games, Junior Varsity Games, Optimist Tournament Games, State Playoff Games, and State Regional Tournament Games are played at Pennington Field each year. (An average of 90 games per year) The Stadium is used for an average of 34 team practices, and seven scrimmage games. Over 5,000 fans watch the boys and girls play in the State Regional Soccer Tournament.

Over 80 different high school bands, with special appearances of some major college bands, perform on the turf of the stadium each year. The L.D. Bell and Trinity High School bands, along with the visiting team bands, perform at halftime of each of the high school football games. An average of 75 band and Drill team practices are booked at the stadium along with National Drum and Bugle Corp Team performances and practices. Pennington Field is the home of the Texas State Regional and Area Marching Band Contests, which brings in over 15,000 spectators each year for each event.

The Boys and Girls High School, Junior High and H.E.B. Aged Group Teams in the Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District use the activity center at Pennington Field daily for practice. The gymnastics area is used in the mornings and evenings for motor development classes. Student use for the activity center is over 700 participants weekly. The Center is also used for gymnastics certification testing and coaches clinics.

The Fire Departments of the Cities of Hurst, Euless and Bedford rent the parking lot for testing and driver training classes each year. Major tire companies use the concrete parking area for drive and ride demonstrations and safety testing. Fifteen motor cross events, four truck roadeos, two school bus roadeos, helicopter landings for Santa USA, and several garage sales are other uses for this area. Classes for school bus certification utilize the parking lot and meeting rooms.

Pennington Field is used for Trinity High School's Junior High Football Camp, L.D. Bell High School's Junior High Football Camp, The Jerry Poda Football Mini Camp, The Pete Calaty Soccer Camp, and The Bobby Moffit Soccer Camp. The facility is also used for Student Trainer Clinics, Coaches Association Clinics, Football Officials Association Clinics, Soccer Officials Association Clinics, Field Hockey Clinics, Football and Soccer Youth Association Clinics, Cheerleading Clinics, Jazzercise Classes, and Pole Vault Clinics.

Local and National TV Commercials are filmed at Pennington Field. Some of the celebrities starring in the commercials are: Troy Aikman, Lou Holtz, Emmitt Smith, Keith Jackson, Mel Allen, Herschel Walker, Mark Tuinei, Jimmy Johnson, Nate Newton, Jim Sundberg, Mark Stepnoski, Joe Paterno, Tony Hill, The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, Tony Dorsett, and Deion Sanders.

Pennington Field Stadium employees a stadium director, two part time secretaries, a three man maintenance crew, a trainer, a fee based program director, a part time concession manager and a part time ticket agent. During the 1995-96 school year the stadium was used 324 days with the facility being opened an average of eleven hours a day. Pennington Field is a landmark to residents of Hurst, Euless, and Bedford, Texas and is the home of the Hurst-Euless-Bedford Sports Hall of Fame and the headquarters for Santa USA.

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