Frequently Asked Questions

About Elementary Transfer Applications
For the 2019 – 2020 School Year

1. Who is eligible for a Transfer?

There are four scenarios for eligibility.

a. In-District Transfer. When a student is requesting to move from one HEB ISD school to another HEB ISD school.

b. Full-Time HEB ISD Employee’s Child. When a full-time district employee who lives outside the district boundaries is requesting that their child/children attend an HEB ISD school. (New and Returning)

c. Out of District Returning Schools of Choice Participant. This is the annual transfer application. There is no need to re-apply for the Schools of Choice program for which your student is currently enrolled.

d. Grandparent Provision. When a student lives with a parent/guardian outside of HEB ISD and the grandparent lives inside HEB ISD and the grandparent provides a substantial amount of childcare.
This application is not available online and must be completed in the office of the Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education (grades K-6).

2. How do I apply for a transfer for my student?

You may complete the 2019-2020 HEB ISD Elementary Transfer Application online at

3. When can I apply for a transfer?

The 2019-2020 Transfer Window is open from January 3, 2019 – March 8, 2019. After the window has closed, the principal and/or Central Office Review Committee shall consider transfers only for those deemed extreme conditions/hardships.

4. What is the process the District uses to determine the result of my request for a transfer?

The accepting principal shall review each application and may consult with the principal of the student’s attendance zone campus prior to finalizing their decision.

Transfer review will occur in August after all registrations are complete and are dependent upon availability of space within the grade level.

Applicant priority based on the following:

a. Special education siblings (State Law)

b. Transfer siblings

c. Employee children

d. 6th grade students who completed 5th grade at the requested campus (District Policy FDB (Local))

e. Others considered by date/time of application

5. How will I know the result of my transfer application?

For transfer applications received during the window, the campus will notify the parent/guardian via email regarding approval or denial of the transfer by Mid-August of 2019.

A denied transfer may be appealed to the office of the Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Administration. This appeal must be in writing and will be reviewed by the Central Administration Review Committee.

6. Is bus transportation provided?


The District does not provide transportation for a student attending a school outside his or her attendance zone.

7. Do students have to apply for a transfer every year?

Once an IN-DISTRICT student is granted a transfer, the student does not need to apply the following year(s) as long as they remain enrolled in the originally requested school (through 6th grade). A new transfer application is needed for 7th grade.

Students that live OUT-OF-DISTRICT must apply annually during the transfer window.

Once a student is considered (approved or denied), no additional transfer requests will be accepted for the remainder of the academic year.

8. Can a student transfer be revoked for non-attendance, poor grades, behavior problem, etc.?


Student transfers may be revoked if the student fails to maintain good attendance, grades, etc., or fails to comply with communicated district or campus disciplinary policies, rules, regulations, or directives.

9. What happens to my transfer if I move outside of the HED ISD district boundaries?

A resident student who moves out of the District during the school year may be permitted to continue enrollment for the remainder of the six-week grading period, provided that the student does not have any documented discipline or attendance problems. After that time, the student must enroll in their home district. (District Policy FDA Local)

** If a transfer student violates the district’s rules and regulations, found in the Student Code of Conduct and the Campus Handbook, the district may take that conduct into account in approving a transfer for the following school year.

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