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Safety Frequently Asked Questions

Student safety is the #1 priority in HEB ISD.

Q. How does HEB ISD communicate safety related concerns and information?

A: HEB ISD will utilize the text message feature in School Messenger to report any safety related issues or concerns to our community. We will also place information on Twitter with the handle @HEBSAFE. Updates will also be posted on our website, facebook page and any campus pages that are affected by the situation. We will update this information as soon as it is readily available.

Q: What does HEB ISD do to prepare students and staff?

A: In HEB ISD, we conduct training and drills to prepare our students and staff for various emergency situations. All staff, including auxiliary staff such as maintenance and transportation complete a yearly training on safety protocols and expectations. Each campus has their own specific emergency operations plan, and students conduct drills according to the emergency situation in order to prepare to react should that situation occur.

Q: How are students and staff given the information?

A: Presentations are shown to each student before a drill takes place to inform and remind them of the purpose of the drill, the need to know, and what to do in specific situations that are out of the normal schedule of the school day.

Q: What terminology does HEB ISD follow?

A: HEB ISD and the police and fire departments of the cities of Hurst, Euless, and Bedford use the Standard Response Protocol, or SRP. This ensures that our staff, students, community, and collaborating agencies have a shared vocabulary, so we can respond efficiently and effectively to an incident at or near a school. Learn more on the Standard Response Protocol website (from the i love u guys Foundation).

Q: What does HEB ISD do to mitigate and prevent emergency situations as much as possible?

A: HEB ISD does many things to work at preventing situations, including cameras, door devices called ‘Lock-Bloks’ and front door access systems and visitor management systems. You can see all mitigation procedures and items here (hyperlink to document showing all we do).