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Police Presence at First Day of School for HEB ISD Elementary Schools

(This message is also being emailed to all parents & families of elementary students on August 9, 2022)

To All Parents & Families of HEB ISD Elementary Students:

In his back-to-school letter to parents, HEB ISD Superintendent Joe Harrington emphasized that school safety is first and foremost on our minds. Our school district has ongoing partnerships with local first responders, and we work together in many ways to strengthen our school safety procedures.

As part of this partnership, we have arranged for additional police presence at and around HEB ISD elementary schools on the first day of school. This is not in response to any danger or threat – this police presence is simply intended to reassure our students, families, and staff. It also allows an extra opportunity for first responders to deepen their familiarity with our schools, staff, and procedures.

HEB ISD has always prioritized strong safety procedures. As our district’s new Safety & Security Officer, I will work with all of our staff to continue and refine these procedures. Over the summer, we have been working to prepare for the school year by reviewing protocols, training staff, inspecting all exterior doors at all schools, and making improvements customized to individual schools. We commit to you that HEB ISD will continue to evaluate and update our safety procedures as national best practices grow over time. Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any safety concerns.

Dan Phillips
HEB ISD Safety & Security Officer