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Preparing Students for Illness Prevention Procedures

HEB ISD Families, we know many students plan to return to our school buildings once that option becomes available. You can help your student prepare for our safety protocols with these 10 tips:


  1. Practice Hand Hygiene often throughout the day. Teach them to sing their ABCs or have them count for at least 20 seconds ensuring they wash front, back, & in-between their fingers.
    washing hands with soap

  2. Practice Putting Mask On/Off. Your child will be required to wear a mask on the bus, upon entering school, & within the hallways. Teach them to not touch the inside of their mask when taking it off.
    person wearing a mask
  3. Practice 6ft of Distance. Measure the distance on the floor. Consider temporarily laying pieces of paper down for a visual.
    kids standing 6 feet apart
  4. Purchase a Thermometer. Check your child’s temperature twice/day. If 100.0 or higher, they must stay home. If they develop a fever at school, they will be required to remain out of school until they meet the return criteria.
    using a forehead thermometer on a person wearing a mask

  5. Make/Purchase Extra Masks. When possible, masks should only be used one time. Consider making or buying multiple masks to give you proper time to wash them between use.
    four masks labeled for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

  6. Update Immunizations/Health Inventory. Each are required to enroll for the school year. Contact your child’s pediatrician for an appointment. Immunizations can also be obtained at the Health Dept.
    parent and child talking with doctor

  7. Change Aerosolized Medication. Nebulizers & inhalers without a chamber cannot be administered in school. Speak with your child’s pediatrician to obtain the proper equipment & to update the Asthma Action Plan.
    inhaler with symbol for "no"

  8. Purchase Reusable Water Bottle to be brought to school. Water fountains will not be in-service.
    student holding water bottle

  9. Verify/Update Emergency Contacts. If your child presents with COVID-like symptoms, they will be placed in an isolation room and will need to be picked up immediately. Please ensure a contact can be reached at any given time.
    Emergency Contacts, with person dialing large phone

  10. Stay Informed. Educate yourself from reliable sources such as the CDC, the Texas Department of Health, and the Tarrant County Public Health and School websites.
    'Reliable' stamped graphic

These tips and graphics are reposted by permission from materials Copyright @ 2020 by Toni Tomkins, BSN, RN.