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To Switch to Traditional School for 6th Six Weeks, Notify School by Thursday, April 1

Reminder: Thursday, April 1, is the deadline to request a change from online learning to traditional school for the end of the 5th six weeks.

Students can transition from traditional school to online learning at any time.

Students can transition from online learning to traditional school at the end of a six-weeks grading period, and must request the transition at least two school weeks in advance. These are the deadline dates for those requests:

  • To transition at the end of the 5th six weeks (April 16) you must notify the school by Thursday, April 1

To request either change, parents should follow directions provided by the school. If you have not received directions from the school, you may contact the school's front office for assistance.

If you are not requesting a change, you do not need to contact the school. Your student will automatically continue in the same option they are currently participating in.