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New One-Way Streets at 5 Schools in Hurst

Note: These traffic pattern changes were announced in May -- this is a reminder of that same information.

🚗 As transportation preferences and needs have changed over time, some of our schools in Hurst have begun to experience notable traffic congestion during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. School district staff and city officials evaluated potential changes to traffic patterns to improve safety and access for parents and nearby residents. Starting in August, portions of streets by five Hurst schools will become “one-way” during pick-up and drop-off. (You may have seen a similar process at other schools, like North Euless Elementary.)

Starting in August 2019, during arrival and dismissal on school days:

  • At Donna Park Elementary, Scott Drive will become one-way, south-bound.
  • At Harrison Lane Elementary, Harrison Lane will become one-way, north-bound.
  • At Hurst Hills Elementary, Billie Ruth Lane will become one-way, south-bound.
  • At Shady Oaks Elementary, Cavender Drive will become one-way, north-bound.
  • At Hurst Junior High, Harmon Road will become one-way, north-bound.

Before the change occurs, signs will be installed along these streets. The Hurst Police Department understands that it may take a little time for drivers to get used to the change -- they plan to monitor these zones carefully and will focus on awareness and warnings for an initial period of time while our community adapts to the change.

Remember -- any time there is a traffic change, it’s normal for there to be delays as people get used to the change. It's always a good idea to plan extra travel time for the first days of school, until everyone gets used to the new traffic patterns.