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HEB ISD Cell Phone Policy (Student Code of Conduct)

This is an excerpt from the HEB ISD Student Code of Conduct.


Students may utilize their cell phone in the classroom when the teacher deems appropriate as an instructional tool for educational purposes. If the teacher has not given the student permission to use their cell phones the devices must remain turned off and put away during class. Students may not be in possession of cell phones during State Assessments, PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP, and IB tests.

Use of cell phones outside of individual classrooms will follow the guideline below.
Grades 7-9:
Students are required to keep their devices turned off and stored away; they may only be utilized in the classroom when the teacher deems appropriate as an instructional tool for educational purposes. Use of cell phones during passing periods and lunchtime will be an individual campus decision. Students who violate the campus policy will be subject to disciplinary actions.

Electronic Confiscation:

District employees may confiscate any cell phone that is being used outside of the prescribed uses above. The device may be returned to the student or the parent/guardian based on the discipline offense. Discipline consequences may be assigned as well.

For second offenses, the device may be retrieved by a parent/guardian for a fee of $15. For persistent offenses, devices may be confiscated until the last day of school and additional disciplinary actions may be assigned.

Electronic Disposal:

After 30 days, the district shall dispose of unclaimed confiscated electronic devices.

The school is not responsible for lost/stolen cellular phones.

Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP)

Cellphones, if brought to the DAEP Campus, will be collected at check-in each morning and returned to the student upon departure. No other personal electronic devices are allowed on campus and will be confiscated. School personnel are not responsible for the loss or damage of collected/confiscated items.

For additional information, including policies for cell phones on school buses and for other personal electronic devices, please review the HEB ISD Student Code of Conduct.