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Temporary Phone & Network Outage at Some HEB ISD Schools - January 4, 2022

(This message is also being emailed to parents & families of students at the impacted schools.)

Today (Tuesday, January 4, 2022), several schools on the west side of HEB ISD are experiencing a network and phone system outage. This outage appears to be a temporary effect of the extended power outage in the area surrounding north Hurst.

Staff at the HEB ISD buildings listed below are temporarily unable to answer the schools’ phones or respond to emails:

  • L. D. Bell High School

  • Bedford Jr. High
  • Hurst Jr. High

  • Bellaire Elementary
  • Donna Park Elementary
  • Harrison Lane Elementary
  • Hurst Hills Elementary
  • River Trails Elementary
  • Shady Oaks Elementary
  • Stonegate Elementary
  • Trinity Lakes Elementary

  • Support Staff Building at West Hurst 

If you are trying to contact the office or an HEB ISD employee at these schools, please try again later this afternoon or later this week.