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Pennington Field Policies for Bags & Elementary/Junior High Students

(This information is also being emailed to all HEB ISD parents & families on September 13, 2022)


To All HEB ISD Parents & Families:

As part of our continuing focus on safety, we want to re-emphasize two key spectator guidelines for events at Pennington Field.

First, please remember our bag policy – No backpacks, large bags, or large purses are allowed. Only clear bags or small purse/clutch bags are allowed. Tell your friends – we want everyone to be able to plan ahead and bring the right allowable bag for their needs. UPDATE 9/15: Pennington Field staff have now clarified that diaper bags and camera bags are allowed, but must be inspected by staff at the gate. Diaper bags must enter at the same as the baby.

Second, please set specific behavior expectations with any elementary or junior high students attending a game. Elementary and junior high students must stay at their seats, with brief visits to concessions or bathrooms. For safety, loitering in common areas and horseplay cannot be allowed, including running, climbing, jumping, frequent seat changes, and similar. Students who cannot follow these behavior expectations will be removed from the stadium. If safe behavior can not be maintained, we may return to a policy of requiring a parent or guardian to accompany elementary and junior high students at all times.

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Thank you for your help in keeping Pennington Field a safe and fun environment for all spectators!