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Information for Parents

Information for Parents

Modes of Instruction

Face to Face: 

  • Delivered through the traditional school. Students are in attendance at a campus.


  • Delivered via Canvas while the student is not in attendance at a campus. 


  • Delivered to both face to face students and online students at the same time.

Remote In: 

  • Delivered to a face to face student by a teacher who is not present in the classroom. 


What to do if power goes out

If you lose power or internet access please email your teacher if you are able (cell phone for example). Follow any instructions you receive from your teacher or school. If you do not receive specific instructions, resume your work once the power or internet access has returned. 


Have a plan in case your student needs to quarantine

  • Talk with your employer and understand rights you may have under laws like the Families First Coronavirus Response Act or the Family and Medical Leave Act.
  • Identify people you trust to safely take care of students. Talk with them in advance, so they will be ready to help if your student needs supervision.
  • If you work from home, talk with your student about expectations for their behavior while you both are working. Practice those behaviors in advance to establish a productive routine.


What to do if your student needs to quarantine

  • If a student is told to quarantine by a health professional outside of the school, notify your school’s nurse or front office.
  • If a quarantined student is already enrolled in the Online Learning Option (OLO), please continue with online learning. If an OLO student’s symptoms or illness does not allow the student to complete online learning, please follow the normal process for an absence: contact the school’s attendance secretary to report the absence.
  • If a student is enrolled in Traditional School, the student will follow their schedule from home. Log into each Canvas page and follow the instructions the teacher has provided. During quarantine, work may be synchronous or asynchronous; the teacher will communicate expectations to the students. 


Dress code for online instruction

When a student is visible during online instruction they must comply with the HEB ISD dress code as defined in the student handbook. If other individuals are present they are expected to also have appropriate clothing.