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HEB ISD Cell Phone Policy (Student Code of Conduct)

Cell Phone Policy

Cell Phone Pick Up

This is an excerpt from the HEB ISD Student Code of Conduct

Possession of Telecommunications or Other Electronic Devices

Use of cell phones outside of individual classrooms will follow the guidelines below.

Grades 7-9 Students are required to keep their devices turned off and stored away during the school day. Cell phones may only be utilized in the classroom when the teacher deems appropriate as an instructional tool for educational purposes. Use of cell phones during passing periods and lunchtime will be an individual campus decision. Students who violate the campus policy will be subject to disciplinary actions.

Students shall not:

● Use a telecommunications device, including a cell phone, or other electronic device in violation of district and campus rules.

● Be in possession of cell phones during State Assessments, PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP AND IB tests.

For additional information, including policies for cell phones on school buses and for other personal electronic devices, please review the HEB ISD Student Code of Conduct.