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AP test registration information for Homeschool students

Key Dates
BY SEPTEMBER 4 Homeschooled students contact AP Services for Students at 888-225-5427—toll free in the United States and Canada—or 212-632-1780 to receive contact information for local AP coordinators willing to host homeschooled students for 2020 AP Exams.
BY OCTOBER 4 Homeschooled students should contact a coordinator from the list to check on exam availability. We encourage students to prepare a list of the exams they plan to take, so they can ensure the school offers the exams they’re interested in.
Students should notify the coordinator of any accommodations they need.
Although the College Board won’t need to approve accommodations at this time, it’s important for the coordinator to know if specific testing materials need to be ordered.
BY NOVEMBER 1, homeschooled students must submit the $94 per exam fee to HEB ISD. A homeschooled student may cancel an exam until March 1 but is responsible for the $40 exam cancellation fee.
No requests for examination will be considered after October 31.