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Spectator Guidelines for Pennington Field - 2023-2024

(This message is also being emailed to all parents & families on August 24, 2023.)

To All HEB ISD Parents & Guardians:

As we begin the new school year, we sometimes have first-time spectators who aren’t familiar with rules for HEB ISD’s Pennington Field or who try to bring prohibited bags into the stadium. Therefore, we want to remind everyone of the following guidelines for Pennington Field:

Safety & Security

  • School Resource Officers (SROs) will be in attendance on the field at all football games for their assigned campus.  Police officers from local departments will be in attendance during all varsity football games and stationed throughout the stadium.  Any criminal activity should be reported to the nearest uniformed officer.  Assigned campus administrators will also be stationed throughout the stadium and in their designated student section.

  • Elementary and junior high students must stay at their seats, with brief visits to concessions or bathrooms. For safety, loitering in common areas and horseplay cannot be allowed, including running, climbing, jumping, frequent seat changes, and similar. Students who cannot follow these behavior expectations will be removed from the stadium. If safe behavior can not be maintained, we may return to a policy of requiring a parent or guardian to accompany elementary and junior high students at all times.


  • No backpacks, large bags, or large purses are allowed. Small clutches or clear bags are permitted. Diaper bags and camera bags are allowed, but must be inspected by staff at the gate. Diaper bags must enter at the same time as the baby. These rules will be strictly enforced.

Prohibited Items

  • Pennington Field is school district property -- absolutely no alcohol is allowed in the bleachers (stands), on the field, or in the parking lots per state law.

  • Outside food/drinks, coolers, and glass containers are not allowed inside Pennington Field.

  • Other prohibited items include: All tobacco products, e-cigarettes, heaters, air horns, balloons, baby powder, silly string, streamers, confetti, or any other objects that are deemed a danger to others.

Handicap/Wheelchair Accessibility

  • The first row of general admission and reserved seats offers wheelchair space and companion seating.  We have ramps leading into all general admission and reserved sections.  Handicap parking is available.

No Smoking Area

  • By state law, tobacco products of any kind are not allowed inside the stadium, in the stands, or in the parking lots.

Lost and Found

  • Check at the main gates and ticket office during the game.  After the game, call the stadium office (817)399-2322 Monday through Friday.


  • We have concession stands offered on the home and visitor’s side of the stadium during varsity football games.  For JH and JV games, concessions are offered on the home side only.  Special events’ concessions will be offered on one or both sides, depending on the size of the event.


  • No Pets are allowed inside Pennington Field.  ADA service dogs trained to do work or perform a task for persons with disabilities are permitted.  Comfort and/or emotional support animals are not service animals, are not recognized by the ADA, and are not allowed.

No Re-entry

  • Once you leave the stadium, re-entry into the stadium is not allowed.  Please ensure that upon entering the stadium with your ticket that you have all necessary items.  Persons seeking re-entry will be required to purchase a new ticket.  Electronic tickets, once initially scanned, cannot be used again.  This rule pertains to adults as well as students.  All schools in District 3-6A will be enforcing this rule.

To purchase tickets online, visit:

Thank you for your help in keeping Pennington Field a safe and fun environment for all spectators!


Thank you!

Mike Fielder
HEB ISD Athletic Director

Julie Bockman
Pennington Field Stadium Manager

Dan Phillips
HEB ISD Director of Safety & Security