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Hunter Whitcher & Brandy Lawson - Wilshire Elementary

Hunter found out about a student that had lost a charm that had sentimental value.  The student was heartbroken.

After we all searched the building, Hunter asked the student if they had gotten breakfast that morning and they had. He asked where they threw their trash away and found out Brandy had already taken the trash to the dumpster.

Without a second thought, Hunter grabbed some gloves and something to cover his clothes and headed to the dumpster. He started going through the breakfast trash. Brandy quickly started helping out.

They didn’t find the charm but wanted to do everything they could to help this student. These two were so amazing and caring and are always about the kiddos and not just on this occasion. We are lucky to have them!

Submitted by: Kristi Manning
Posted: April 6, 2021