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Coach Mia Langi - Trinity High School Volleyball

Recently we came to Trinity High School for the Pink Out volleyball game against L.D. Bell. We were on the L.D. Bell side and bringing 92 year old grandparents of a player. As we know, it is a long way in to buy tickets, then get all the way over to the L.D. Bell side, then climb a few stairs to get seated. A wonderful lady was "manning" a side door by the L.D. Bell side, saw grandma on her walker and tired from walking so far. She opened the door and allowed grandma and grandpa to take a short-cut inside while I went to purchase tickets.

If that wasn't enough, as we were walking into the gym trying to figure out how and where to seat the grandparents, Coach Langi saw the situation and immediately took them and sat them at the closest location, which was the score table (best seats in the house to watch their granddaughter). Then if that again wasn't enough, she went and got them bottled waters and snacks!

In between games I turned to get a visual of the grandparents to make sure all was good and there was Coach taking Grandma to the closest restroom and making sure she got back to her seat safely!

Oh my goodness, the above and beyond treatment received from Trinity staff/faculty, and in particular Coach Langi, was outstanding! This Coach truly stepped in and made hospitality an understatement! Coach Langi and additional Trinity staff that made this an easier process, we can't thank you enough for your kindness, generosity and exceptional hospitality! Your acts are beyond appreciated and the world needs more great leaders like you!!!!! I hope you get great recognition for this and we can't thank you enough!!!!!

Submitted by: Nicole Unrue
Posted:  Oct 26, 2021