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CJH Spartan Robotics Teams (all 15!) - Central JH STEM Program Students

During November, fifteen 7th grade Spartan Robotics teams competed in the Preliminary round of an international robotics competition called the Coder-Z League. Teams from all over the world compete by programming a virtual robot to play a game in an online 3D simulation.

Prelim results are just in: From a field of hundreds of teams across Texas (and thousands globally), ALL FIFTEEN Spartan Robotics teams made it into the Top 64 Texas teams. These teams advanced to the “Group Stage” of the Tournament.

(For those who care about math: 15 of 64 teams means that the CJH Robotics students make up nearly ONE FOURTH of all the Texas teams to make the cut!)

Congratulations to all CJH 7th Grade Robotics Students for this outstanding result!

Submitted by: Bryan Harston (CJH STEM Program Lead)
Posted: Dec 16, 2021