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Courtney Nelson - Meadow Creek Dyslexia Intervention

Ms. Nelson has made a profound impact in our son’s life!

He was diagnosed with dyslexia about 2 years ago and began seeing Ms. Nelson four days a week to help him navigate his world. She has given him so much confidence and has never, ever treated his dyslexia as a disability. She even celebrates it by telling students about the many amazing, accomplished people who overcame their challenges with dyslexia to do great things!

Because of her support and encouragement, my son tried out for the spelling bee this year. I am so proud of him for putting himself out there and competing! He made the cut from 60 who tried out to only 24 contestants and he made the top 10 in the competition! Our son is now an avid reader and he says Dyslexia is his favorite class. He has become a confident student and loves school again!

The interventionist program at HEB ISD is truly phenomenal and Ms. Nelson is the best of the best!

Submitted by: Shana S.
Posted: Dec 16, 2021