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Amber Pickens - Hurst Junior High

Ms. Pickens needs to be recognized as an outstanding teacher who really cares and goes the extra step to build a bonding relationship with her students and invest in them. My daughter had her for class a couple times and enjoyed each time. [My daughter] stated that "[Ms. Pickens] truly cares and engages us in discussions and allows us to discuss topics. In most classes we go in, are fed information, get tested and move on."

Two years later, Ms. Pickens is keeping up with my daughter and other classmates and coming to volleyball games on work and weekday nights to come watch and support them in their sports. That is going above and beyond! Kids need not only to be taught but to feel invested in and important.

We love you Ms. Pickens!

Submitted by: Brent and Nichole Unrue
Posted: Nov 29, 2022