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HEB ISD Information Services Department

Payroll owes a huge debt of gratitude to the IS Team for their tremendous support on December 13, 2022. It was the day the power was out due to bad weather and we were running the payrolls for 12/15/2022. When we asked to come over to the Pat May Center to use the computers that were running on the backup generator so we could keep going, they rolled out the red carpet for us! They made sure each one of us had a desk to work at, brought us lamps to make sure we had light, checked on us again and again, and even moved our check printer back and forth for us! They stayed until we got our files submitted to the bank, when all the others had gone home for the day. Many do not see all the work done behind the scenes in technology, so Payroll wanted to shine a spotlight on this team! We were definitely Stronger Together that day!

Submitted by: HEB ISD Payroll Department
Posted: Jan 24, 2023