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Sarah Williams - Spring Garden Elementary

I am writing to let you know just how special Mrs. Sarah Williams is at Spring Garden Elementary.  Every morning, I pull up in the drop-off lane to let out my girls and she greets them with "I am so glad you are here! Your friends are waiting for you inside."  This brings a smile to their faces and starts their day off right. My sister in New York and I are usually on speaker phone and my sister has even commented on how much she loves that my girls go to Spring Garden and how she wishes that her kids had someone like that. Ellie was out sick yesterday, and Mrs. Williams noticed the bucket in her lap as we dropped off Grace. She told Ellie how much she loved her and hoped that she would feel better soon. I knew that meant a lot to her, and it really meant a lot to me because I believed her when she said it. We arrived this morning and Mrs. Williams commented on how glad she was back. Ellie's face just lit up with joy. Other days, Ellie just wants to show her something random that she chose to wear that day, and with sincerity, Mrs. Williams kneels down and lets her tell her all about whatever it is, before sending her to school. One day, I hope to get a picture of this exchange as it is something that I want my girls to always remember.  

-submitted by: Amy Reeves