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Lynda Lively - L.D. Bell HS

Lynda Lively is a dedicated educator who has the wisdom and concern to prepare her students to be kind, respectful, and knowledgeable young adults equipped to make our world a better place. Furthermore, Mrs. Lively enables her students to add to the rich culture and legacy of L.D. Bell High School and HEB ISD.

I frequently stop into Mrs. Lively’s classroom for something I have asked her to help me with... I have never seen her sitting at her desk. She is too busy teaching! And not just content. She collaboratively works with her students to help them gain the valuable life lessons of hard work, taking risks/putting themselves out there, and striving to be good people. Her students love her!!!!! For them, she is someone they know genuinely cares about them now and forever. In fact, many graduates frequently return just to visit.

For some kids, an educator is someone who makes all the difference in their lives (some key educators were that for my dad, and they did make all the difference for him impacting his siblings and my family generationally). I am very blessed to work alongside a key educator who is that person for so many of our students.

Submitted by: Dr. Candice Cooper
Posted: Feb 6, 2024