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Ashaar Charania and Coach Jason Grant - Euless JH

Ashaar Charania and Coach Jason Grant are the definition of a T-E-A-M!!!! Ashaar embodies all that makes Euless Junior High great! Diversity! Heart! Enthusiasm! A respectable understanding and awareness of himself and a desire to constantly strive to become the best version of himself.

 CONGRATULATIONS, ASHAAR, on being named MR. EJH!!!!!!!!! And a sincere appreciation to Coach Grant who has so much fun with his students and does not hesitate to celebrate them in a grand fashion. Witnessing Ashaar being named Mr. EJH today, it was obvious that he and Coach Grant are kindred spirits with a mutual flare for celebration! It was simply the best celebration, for the best kid, announced in the best of ways! Congratulations, Ashaar!!!

Submitted by: Dr. Candice Cooper
Posted: Feb 6, 2024