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Parents must show student ID or birth certificate if child not present for meal pick-up

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(posted April 1 at 9:40am)
Important Grab and Go Meals update:
The USDA, who manages the Child Nutrition Program, has issued final guidance on meal distribution: students must be present OR parents must present a school ID or birth certificate for each child for whom they are picking up meals.
(The rest of the process is unchanged, and is included below for convenience.)
HEB ISD’s Grab & Go meals started a new schedule and 2 new locations beginning March 30.
If you drive to the meal pick-up, all adults & children must remain in your vehicle during meal pick-up.
If you walk to the meal pick-up, please leave at least 6 feet between families.
The Grab & Go meals are for kids age 18 years and younger. If children are not present, USDA guidance requires parents to present a school ID or birth certificate for each set of child meals.
Time: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Days: Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday
(There will not be meal pick-up on Wednesday and Friday.) On Monday, you can pick up 1 breakfast and 1 lunch per child. On Tuesday and Thursday, you can pick up 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches per child.
  • Bellaire Elementary
  • Bell Manor Elementary
  • Centreport (between Crest Centreport & Centreport Landing)
  • Midway Park Elementary
  • Oakwood Terrace Elementary
  • Post Oak East Apartments
  • Stonegate Elementary
  • Westdale Hills (location of summer “Lunch & Learn”)
  • West Hurst Elementary