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Social-Emotional Wellness - August 2021 Newsletter

HEB ISD's Crisis Intervention & Prevention Team works with families to address the mental health of students, prevent suicide and self-harm, and to create a positive school environment for all students. For tips and more information, please browse our new August 2021 newsletter:

Social-Emotional Wellness Newsletter

The August 2021 Newsletter focuses on transitioning back to school and addressing back-to-school anxiety. The past two years have been trying and we are aware that returning to "normal" can be simultaneously an exciting and unnerving time.

Please feel welcome to contact us -- our contact information is in the newsletter and on our Family Resources website (

The Crisis Intervention and Prevention Team is HERE FOR YOU,

Julia L. Harris, L.S.S.P., NCSP
Heather Andrews, LCSW
Irene Cedillo, LCSW