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Back-to-School Letter to Parents from HEB ISD Superintendent Joe Harrington

August 5, 2022

Hello HEB ISD Family!

It is almost the start of school and I want to take the opportunity to connect with you and share how we as a district have prepared to welcome your children into another year of learning. We value every minute your children are in our care.

I want to begin with what is first and foremost on our minds: School Safety. Our Board of Trustees and District Leadership realize the paramount importance of keeping our students and staff safe. That is why we have made the decision to hire a stand-alone Safety and Security Officer. Early this summer, Dan Phillips, a retired US Marshall with 28 years of law enforcement experience, joined the HEB ISD team. He has been working with our principals and local law enforcement to make sure we are ready for the school year. All of our exterior doors have been inspected, our protocols have been reviewed, and we have already had specific drills with our local law enforcement teams. Please be assured we will keep security at the forefront and will continue to evolve as we make recommendations and implementation plans to improve safety in HEB ISD. 

Our HEB ISD staff has been busy this summer preparing our facilities, finalizing hiring, and putting the finishing touches on getting our schools ready for everyone’s return. As we move into this next school year, we are committed to meet the needs of our students and create a place where they can thrive and grow. I want you to know we are also committed to partnering with you to provide the very best for your child.

One of my goals this year is to make sure I have heard from our staff, students, and the community.  I will be scheduling meetings and opportunities to hear from you.  Your input is very important to me and I invite you to participate. You will receive invitations throughout the coming semester and I look forward to meeting with you.

Our district theme this year is Stronger Together. The reason we chose this theme is because of the strength and truth it communicates. Our students’ success depends on our entire community. This is one of the most collaborative communities I have ever experienced. HEB ISD is a special place and I am proud to call it my home.

I am truly honored to be your superintendent and I look forward to the amazing things ahead for our students, staff, community, and the families of HEB ISD.

Dr. Joe Harrington

Collage of photos of Joe Harrington speaking at Convocation and taking a selfie with his wife