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TEA Delays Release of Texas School and District Accountability Scores

(this information will also be emailed to HEB ISD families on September 12, 2023)


Today, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) announced a temporary delay of the release of 2023 A-F Accountability Ratings. This delay applies to all public school districts and schools in the state. These “letter grade” scores were originally planned to be published around September 28; now they are expected about a month later.

For more details, you can read TEA’s letter to school systems: “Delay in 2023 A–F Academic Accountability Ratings”

This delay does not have any expected impact on our students. HEB ISD uses data from multiple types of assessments, including classroom observation, to help our students learn and improve all year long. For last school year’s state assessments, TEA has already released individual students’ scores, which are available to parents through Home Access Center.