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Visitor Check-In Procedures at HEB ISD Schools

(This message is also being emailed to all elementary & junior high students' parents & guardians on August 26, 2022. On September 8, "valid passport from another country" was added as an acceptable form of identification.)

To All HEB ISD Parents & Guardians of Elementary & Junior High Students:

As we settle into our school year routine, we want to remind everyone of the following Visitor Check-in Procedures for our HEB ISD elementary and junior high schools.

  • All visitors must enter through the school’s main entrance and check in at the front office. All exterior doors at campuses remain locked, and visitor access will only be available through the front door.
  • During the school day, visitors must request entry into the building by pressing the intercom button located by the front entrance, stating their purpose for entry, and showing valid identification (ID). Valid forms of ID include a driver’s license or state-issued identification card from any of the 50 states, U.S. passport card, Active Military ID, Valid Passport from another country, and Consulate Card. Visitors without a valid form of identification may be restricted to the office area or not allowed into the building.
  • When the front entrance is unlocked, visitors must first enter the school’s office and present their valid ID. The Positive Proof Enterprise Visitor Management System is currently used at HEB ISD schools. Positive Proof enhances school security by reading visitor driver’s licenses, comparing information to a sex offender database, and alerting campus administrators if a match is found. Once cleared, visitors will be given a visitor badge that includes a photo and states the area of access (Cafeteria, Classroom, Gym, etc), and any additional directions necessary.
  • All approved visitors must wear the visitor’s badge while in the building, and are asked to check out and leave the visitor’s badge as they exit the building.

We appreciate your assistance and cooperation in keeping our campuses safe!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at

Thank you!

Dan Phillips
HEB ISD Safety & Security Coordinator