Special Needs Transportation Procedures

HEB ISD Special Needs Transportation Procedures


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HEB ISD Transportation Department: (817) 399-2450


Transportation Determination

The following procedures were established to facilitate safe, effective and efficient transportation for students riding special needs buses. On occasion, the Transportation Department receives requests from parents/guardians to deviate from these procedures. The Transportation Department reserves the right to authorize or deny deviations from these procedures based on the need to provide an acceptable level of safety for all students on the bus, and an acceptable level of service for those entitled to special needs transportation. These procedures apply generally to all special education students who require transportation as a related service. However, any of these procedures may be modified by a student's ARD Committee, based on that student's individual needs.

Initiation of Transportation Services

Prior to the initiation of bus service, each parent verifies the accuracy of information on the Transportation Form for special education students provided in the ARD Committee meeting. The Transportation Form is given to the Special Education Transition Center secretary by the educational diagnostician, who then forwards the information to the Transportation Department. As indicated on the following schedule, it is estimated that transportation services will begin no earlier than the 3rd working day after the day the information is received in the Transportation Department:

  • Information Received Monday: Service Will Begin Thursday
  • Information Received Tuesday: Service Will Begin Friday
  • Information Received Wednesday: Service Will Begin Monday
  • Information Received Thursday: Service Will Begin Tuesday
  • Information Received Friday: Service Will Begin Wednesday

Bus Schedules

Prior to the initiation of bus service, the Transportation Department will communicate to parents the exact date service will begin, a predesignated place or location and the estimated time for pickup and delivery. The schedule may vary slightly from day to day; however, written notification will be made of any major changes in the route or

Bus routes will be established to provide the most efficient service to all the students with disabilities on the route. Therefore, the Transportation Department is unable to approve parental requests for preferred pickup and delivery times, except as required to provide
a free appropriate public education.


Pickup and Delivery

Under normal circumstances, students will not be picked up or delivered outside the boundaries of the Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD. Exceptions to this rule can only be made on a case-by-case basis by the Director of Transportation or by a student's ARD Committee. Permanent changes in the destination or pickup point must be made by completing a Change of Student Transportation Information form. Forms are available in the office of every campus in the school district and may be faxed to the Special Education Department (817-354-3376) or delivered to the Transition Center located at 1849 Central Drive, Bldg. F, Bedford, TX 76022. Call the Special Education Department (817-399-2250) for more information.

Bus routes mainly consist of one address for pick-up and one address for drop-off, five days a week. However, hardships will be considered.

Since route changes bring change please be mindful and allow time for the process.

A child care center or babysitter should be in the attendance zone of the student’s home campus or in the attendance zone of the school which the student attends, unless otherwise approved by the student's ARD Committee.

Parental Responsibility

The following parental responsibilities will help ensure that the child arrives at school and returns home safely with care and thought given to his/her individual special needs:

  1. Attend any mid-year Admission, Review and Dismissal Committee meetings and all annual ARD meetings.
  2. Verify the accuracy of the Transportation Form for special education students.
  3. Teach the child to follow the Rules and Regulations Governing School Bus Operations.
  4. Have the child ready to board the bus within two (2) minutes of the scheduled time each morning. The driver is not allowed to honk the horn, but will wait a maximum of two (2) minutes after the scheduled time for the child to appear and board the bus. If the bus leaves after waiting the 2 minutes please call transportation to discuss the options at 817-
  5. Drivers are not authorized to open/close the gates of apartment complexes or housing additions.
  6. Ensure that a responsible person is home when the child is picked up in the morning and brought home in the afternoon. A parent may give permission for his/her child to be left unattended by signing a written release on the Transportation Form for special education students. A driver may not leave a child alone unless the parent has signed a release form. The child who is to be left alone must have access into the house. The driver is not allowed to accept responsibility for house keys, opening the door or entering the home. If a child may not be left alone and the responsible person is not available to receive the child, the driver will follow the procedure outlined below:
    1. The bus driver will inform the Transportation Department that an attempt was made to return the child home and a responsible adult was not available to receive the child.
    2. The Transportation Department will attempt to contact the parent/agency by telephone.
    3. The Transportation Department will contact the school Principal, Assistant Principal, Counselor or the child’s Teacher to inform him/her that the child is being returned to the campus. When this occurs, the parent/agency will be responsible for transporting the child home from the child's school campus.
    4. If school personnel cannot be reached (or after 4:00 p.m.), the bus driver is authorized to take the child to the Transition Center located at 1849 Central Drive, Bldg. F, Bedford, TX 76022. When this occurs, the parent/agency will be responsible for transporting the child home from the Transition Center.
    5. When a responsible adult is not present to receive the child, a letter from the campus principal will be sent to the parents/agency as a reminder of the parental/guardianship responsibilities.
    6. Repeat occurrences may result in a report being filed with the Texas Department of Protective & Regulatory Services.
  7. If there are any questions about transportation services, an appointment to speak with the Coordinator of Specialty Transportation may be made by calling (817) 399-2450. Parents must not delay drivers with any questions about transportation services.
  8. The parent must notify the Transportation Department office (817-399-2450) when the student will be absent from school or will not ride the bus that morning or afternoon. This will help prevent delays in the routing. If a student does not ride the bus for three (3) consecutive days without parental notification, service will be temporarily discontinued until the parent calls the Transportation Department to reinstate service. This is not a denial of bus privileges; it is necessary in order to maintain an efficient transportation system for other participating students. Service will be resumed after notification by the parent that the student is ready to return to school.
  9. Bus drivers are not authorized to change pickup and/or delivery addresses.
  10. Parents must maintain consistent day care. Frequent changes adversely affect students assigned to the bus and adversely impact the provision of transportation to all students.
  11. Unless otherwise provided by the student's ARD Committee, parents must make the necessary arrangements if the child needs special assistance getting on/off the bus in the morning or afternoon. The bus monitor will be on the steps of the bus to assist the child.
  12. Parents must secure medication in a book bag/backpack if medication is accompanying the child to and from school. The bus driver and/or bus monitor will not hold, and cannot be held responsible for safe keeping of, medication during the bus ride.
  13. To ensure safety, children who are unable to negotiate the steps of a school bus will be transported to and from school in their wheelchairs. Students in wheelchairs must have properly operating lock brakes, footrests, armrests, and a lap safety belt attached to the chair.
  14. Parents must ensure that any wheelchair which is to be occupied during transit has a tubular metal frame, four wheels, and a high backrest. Batteries (where fitted) should be carried below seat height and be adequately secured for the forces anticipated and to prevent acid spillage. As recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, lap boards or trays (metal/plastic) attached to the wheelchair shall be removed and secured separately for transport.
  15. Loading a student in a wheelchair onto a bus with a lift is a potentially dangerous situation. HEB ISD employees are the only individuals authorized to operate the lift equipment. All wheelchairs will be backed onto the lift, the brakes will be applied, and an electric wheelchair's power will be disengaged. The power to the electric wheelchair will remain disengaged during transport and until the student is lowered to the ground and moved off of the lift.

Student Responsibility and Discipline

The student is expected to follow the Hurst-Euless-Bedford Rules and Regulations Governing School Bus Operations, except as provided below:

If a student is unable to follow the standard bus regulations, a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) for bus behavior will be developed for the student during the ARD Committee meeting. The BIP will address prevention strategies, reinforcement for desired behavior and consequences for inappropriate bus behavior. The student's bus driver and bus monitor will be provided a copy of the student's BIP, if it addresses bus behavior.

Student discipline will be managed by bus personnel as stated in the student’s Behavior Intervention Plan. Unless otherwise provided for by the student's ARD Committee, consequences of seriously disruptive behaviors which violate the Behavior Intervention Plan established during the ARD Committee meeting may include, but are not limited to:

  • returning student to home, school or other approved location
  • parent notification
  • removal of bus privileges for up to three days
  • reconvening the ARD Committee to consider alternative arrangements, including additional safety features or more restrictive transportation services.


Mission Statement

Support student achievement by providing a
safe journey to learning.

Selected District Leaders

  • Steve Chapman, Superintendent of Schools
  • Lydia Martin, Deputy Superintendent-Instruction
  • Joe Harrington, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent-Secondary
  • Mary Stokic, Assistant Superintendent-Elementary
  • Rene Riek, Director of Special Education
  • David Garcia, Assistant Superintendent-Business Operations
  • Brian Merchant, Director of Transportation