Bus - Kindergarten Bus Authorization Letter (English)

Note: You can also download a printable version of the Kindergaten Bus Authorization Letter (English).


Dear Parent,

The HEB ISD Transportation Department is committed to providing the safest, most efficient service to all eligible students. The HEB ISD transportation policy states kindergarten bus riders must be met at the bus stop each day by an adult. A kindergarten student not met by an adult at the bus stop is taken back to campus where the parent is contacted to pick up the student. When the bus is required to return a student to the campus it is late for the next pick up and drop off, causing a number of problems for other parents and campuses across the district.

It is extremely important that you make provisions for an adult to meet your kindergarten student every day at the bus stop. Please be aware of the steps that will be taken in the event this policy is not followed:

  • 1st Incident – Warning from Campus Administrator
  • 2nd Incident – Loss of Bus Privileges for one week
  • 3rd Incident – Loss of Bus Privileges for six weeks and a report is made to Child Protective Services

Persistent noncompliance with this policy will result in loss of bus privileges for the remainder of the year and follow-up contact with Child Protective Services.

Please inform the school if you know you will not be able to greet your student at the bus stop. The student will not be allowed to board the bus and you may pick him/her up at the campus. Your student will be safe and the bus route will remain on schedule to other campuses.

Please read and sign the statement below indicating you have received this letter. No kindergarten student will be able to begin bus service until this signed letter is on file at the campus. There is the opportunity for parents to give the bus driver permission for your kindergarten student to be released to the care of an alternate adult or an older student on the form below.

Please return this letter to the school as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Assistant Principal

I understand that it is the policy and desire of the HEB school district for my kindergarten student to be met at the bus stop by an adult each day. I authorize the following adult(s) to meet the bus [blank].

However, if an adult is not available at that time to meet my student, I give my permission for my student to exit the bus and be in the care of [blank], grade [blank].

Parent Signature [blank]

My Student [blank]

Date [blank]

Bus [blank] Stop [blank]