Bus Letter (English)

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(Revised: June 2018)

Bus Letter

Dear Parent:

The Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District provides bus transportation to and from school as a service for eligible students residing in the district. The State of Texas prescribes the conditions governing school bus operations, and partially funds the service by allotting the district a given amount for eligible students transported.

“Regular eligible pupil” means a student must live two (2) miles or more from the assigned school as measured by the shortest route that may be traveled, on roads commonly traveled by the public, from the student’s home to his or her school. The Transportation Department will allow students to ride the bus until eligibility can be verified. Ineligible students will be notified by the campus office as soon as possible after the start of the school year.

In order to provide safe transportation for your child, the Hurst-Euless-Bedford School District has adopted standard regulations and procedures for bus students. The regulations and procedures are outlined on the back of this letter for your information.

The Hurst-Euless-Bedford School District is pleased to provide transportation for its eligible students and solicits your assistance in helping create a safe, efficient operation. You may do so by reading the material on the reverse side and acknowledge receipt by completing and returning the statement at the bottom of this page. Simply tear off the statement and have your child return it to the principal. We ask your cooperation with school personnel in developing proper behavior patterns for those students who ride buses.

Brian Merchant
Director of Transportation

Address: 1350 W. Euless Blvd, Euless Texas 76040
Phone: 817.399.2441
Fax: 817.354.3579
Email: brianmerchant@hebisd.edu

An Equal Opportunity Employer

Parent Form to Return

Please sign and return to the principal

I have read and understand the BUS SAFETY GUIDELINES and RULES AND REGULATIONS GOVERNING SCHOOL BUS STUDENTS issued by the Hurst-Euless-Bedford School District, concerning the conduct and behavior of students while riding the bus.

Blanks for:

  • Signature of Parent or Guardian
  • Student’s Name
  • Student ID
  • Address
  • City
  • Phone
  • Apartment Complex
  • School Name
  • Grade
  • Home Room
  • Bus No.
  • Stop Color
  • Student will ride bus in the: AM PM
  • Date

Bus Safety Guidelines

  1. Transportation is provided for eligible students only. Students must ride to and from the stop that is eligible for their home address.
  2. An adult must meet kindergarten through second grade students the first 10 days of the school year and on early dismissal days. An adult must meet kindergarten students daily or provide written authorization to campus for release.
  3. Permission to ride another bus or to use another bus stop on a ONE TIME EMERGENCY basis may be approved ONLY by a campus administrator, after consulting with the Transportation Department.
  4. Students should arrive at the assigned bus stop five minutes before the designated pick-up time, and wait ten minutes after pick-up time before reporting a late bus.
  5. Students should stay off the roadway while waiting for the bus and refrain from pushing, shoving, fighting or inappropriate language.
  6. Students should show respect for private and public property at the bus stop. The District has disciplinary authority over a student for any school-related conduct, regardless of time and location.
  7. Students should ALWAYS cross in front of the bus and only at the driver’s signal. Never cross a street before the bus has arrived to stop traffic.
  8. Space on the buses is limited and students must be able to hold books, band instruments, athletic equipment, science projects, etc., in their laps.
  9. Students should be able to store anything carried on the bus in their backpack/bookbag. We will NOT transport glass, weapons, balls, balloons, live animals (except service animals in accordance with Board Policy), laser pointers, food such as candy, popcorn, snowcones, cupcakes, cookies, drinks, etc., on bus routes.
  10. SILENT cell phones/electronic devices will be allowed on the bus. Students may text and/or use earbuds only.

Rules and Regulations Governing School Bus Operations

  1. The Transportation Office will verify eligibility for Jr. High students. Students must present a campus identification badge upon request from the bus driver.
  2. At no time will a student address comments to a bus driver in a disrespectful manner. Harassing or distracting the bus driver will not be tolerated.
  3. Students shall not throw, pitch or shoot articles within the bus or out the windows. Glass objects or glass containers of any kind are not allowed on the bus.
  4. Students shall not write upon, disfigure or destroy any part of the school bus.
  5. Students shall not take or handle any emergency equipment inside the bus.
  6. Students shall not extend any part of their body, clothing or other articles out of the bus window.
  7. Students shall never board or leave a bus through the emergency door except in an emergency.
  8. Students will not be allowed to move about in the bus while it is in motion.
  9. Students shall not carry any weapons on the bus, as defined in the Student Code of Conduct.
  10. Scuffling, fighting, and the use of obscene, vulgar, or profane language or signs are forbidden.
  11. The use of tobacco, tobacco products, drugs, or alcohol on the bus is prohibited.
  12. Students will not be allowed to get off a bus at an unscheduled bus stop unless authorized in writing by the parent or legal guardian and a campus administrator.
  13. Bus riders shall not eat or drink on the bus, or litter bus with debris (choking hazard).
  14. Bus riders will keep feet on the inside of seating space and not in the aisle.
  15. Bus riders will abide by the Student Code of Conduct.
  16. All students are required to have an assigned seat on the bus.

Restrictions for Violation of School Bus Rules and Regulations

The following is a list of offenses and the action that is to be taken by the Bus Driver.

  • FIRST OFFENSE: Bus driver will warn the student verbally for first misconduct. Every attempt will be made at this time to correct the situation. Driver should document verbal warning on HURST-EULESS-BEDFORD BUS CONDUCT REPORT and submit it to the Transportation office.
  • SECOND OFFENSE:Bus driver will complete HURST-EULESS-BEDFORD BUS CONDUCT REPORT and submit to the Transportation office. A copy of this report should be mailed to the parent stating what action has been taken.
  • THIRD OFFENSE: Bus driver will complete the HURST-EULESS-BEDFORD BUS CONDUCT REPORT and submit to the Transportation office, noting 3rd offense at the top, and submit it to the Transportation office. The campus administrator will determine disciplinary action and inform the parent, in writing, of the consequences. Bus privileges may be removed. The length of removal will be determined by the campus administrator, or Director of Transportation.
  • MAJOR OFFENSE: Any offense considered major by the school principal can result in the immediate removal of bus privileges. The parent will be informed in writing if bus privileges are removed. Bus riding privileges may be revoked for the remainder of the school year.
  • SPECIAL NEEDS STUDENTS: Consideration will be given to a special education student’s individual disability before bus privileges are removed through the Special Needs Department.

When bus privileges are revoked, the student cannot ride any bus during the period of suspension and parents or guardian are responsible for providingtransportation.